Full name: Bill Kaulitz-Trümper.
Occupation: Singer / song-writer.
Date of Birth: September 1, 1989.
Place of Birth: Leipzig (Germany).
Place of Residence: Loitsche, Germany and their temporary home in Hamburg which is where their studio is.
Height: 1,88cm (6'2")
Weight: 50kg (110 lbs)
Hair Colour: Dirty blonde; dyed black with blonde streaks at the moment.
Eye Color: Brown.
Zodiac Sign: Virgo.
Nickname: None; he says he doesn't need any as his name is short enough.
Brothers/Sisters: A twin brother named Tom who was born 10 minutes before him.
Mother: Simone Kaulitz, a freelance tailor and artist.
Father: His parents divorced when he and Tom were 7 years old.
Their biological father’s name is Jörg Kaulitz.The twins remained in care of their mother and her new husband Gordon Trümper, a guitarist in the rock band Fatun who inspired the twins to start doing music. He also owns a music school called Rock’s cool.
School: He and his brother are currently studying through an internet school course; their fame and ultra-full schedules do not allow them to go to a normal high-school.
Favorite Subject in School: None.
Hated Subjects in School: All.
He hated everything that had to do with school.
Hobbies: Parties, Singing, Music.
His Idol: He doesn’t have one.
He always wanted to be his own person and not follow the rules and regulations of someone else.He does however have people that inspire him.
Favourite Music: Greenday, Nena, Coldplay, Keane, David Bowie.
One of his favorite songs: "Try again" (by Keane)
First album he ever bought: Nena's.
First concert he's ever been to: Nena's.
Favorite movie: He has a lot.
Whenever he sees a movie, it’ll be his favorite till the next time he watches one.
Pets: A black labrador named Scotty that he got from a shelter a few years ago, and reportedly a cat named Casimir.
Distinctive signs: Two piercings - one in the eyebrow (since the age of 12) and one in his tongue (14); Three tattoos - one with the band logo on the back of his neck ( since he was 15) and a star on the right hip (since he was almost 17).To celebrate his 18th birthday, he got a tattoo on his left inner forearm which reads Freiheit 89 (Freedom 89) which celebrates the year he was born and the fact that he is now, at 18, an adult. He seems to be getting one new tattoo per year.
Favorite drinks: Cola, Strawberry Nesquik, Peppermint tea (he says it's good for his voice).
Favourite foods: Pizza and spaghetti.
He is a huge fan of fast-food in general and he will never eat something he doesn't know.
Motto: Leb die Sekunde! (Live the second!)

Personality: He is very open-minded, friendly, egoistical, extremely talkative, ambitious, sensitive and romantic. He describes himself as an "insider" (German: "Drinni"), because he'd rather spend time slouching inside the house than go outside and get some fresh air. He's not a fan of exploring nature.He says he can be vain sometimes. He is the creative part of the band and writes most of the lyrics.
Bill is also completely un-sporty.He admits he is lazy and could sleep his entire life away if he had the chance.


source: www.tokiohotelus.com