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Sep 15 -Liferadio Austria-TH interviu prin telefon
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Author:  nicoletagenoveva [ Wed Sep 16, 2009 12:37 am ]
Post subject:  Sep 15 -Liferadio Austria-TH interviu prin telefon


Über 5 Millionen verkaufte Tonträger! Sie bringen die Mädels mehr zum Kreischen als der talentierteste Zahnarzt: Tokio Hotel!
Anfang Oktober gibt's das neue Album: Humanoid.. in Englisch und Deutsch.. und bei uns gabs die Burschen für Euch auf Oberösterreichisch, als Mittagspromis:

1)Tokio Hotel sagen hallo:

2)Der "brave" Bill und Tom lässt die Sau raus? Liebesleben I:

3)Der Tokio Hotel Kreischeffekt und können sie sich noch an Linz erinnern?

4)Das verrückteste Erlebnis mit einem Fan:

5)Sänger Bill - einsam, aber trotzdem nie allein im Bett - Liebesleben II:

6)Gibt's einen "Alltag": Hotel sagen hallo.mp3 'brave' Bill und Tom lässt die Sau raus Liebesleben I.mp3 Tokio Hotel Kreischeffekt und können sie sich noch an Linz erinnern .mp3 verrückteste Erlebnis mit einem Fan.mp3änger Bill - einsam, aber trotzdem nie allein im Bett - Liebesleben II.mp3's einen 'Alltag'.mp3

credit BKth4e/thus

Speakerin : Girls...take a deep are your lunch celebrities....

TH: Hi we are Tokio Hotel and greetings to all our Fans in Oberösterreich ( austria)

Speakerin : The most successful teen-band in the world ... over 5 million albums sold and billions of fainting fans. In this hour...they will tell you everything...truely everthing...and now...take your he comes....the monsun....

Bill the nice guy and Tom let it all hang out

Speaker: This is the effect....( kreisch) of today's noon celebrities...Simply THE TEENIE-STARS...Tokio Hotel is on the phone...

TH: Hi...

Speakerin: Hi Guys...this is something that every girl want to know...what is going on in your love-life...Everytime i read something about goes like Bill is the good guy and the twin-brother Tom let it all hang this the truth?

Bill: Actually it has nothing to do with being the good guy...Tom is just more immature than me...

Tom: ( laughing)

Speakerin: What has Tom to say about he not there

Tom: Of course he is also there...( laughing)
This is rubbish...i am just a if you get a respond to it from time to time...but ultimatly it becomes be honest, i really hope to fall in love..but until now it doesn't happend to me you have to keep on looking for it.....

Speaker: That is right...And how many times a week you look for often to you respond to the proposal?

Tom: A day...that is the question.

Speakerin: ja, how often?

Tom: A day?....Between 5 and 7 times

Speakerin: Ja exactly and christmas is in june....

The screaming-effect and do they remember Linz?

Speakerin: Mom's in Austria are wondering, why their daughters hurried up so much to get from school back home. The answer is very simple...Tokio Hotel are my noon-clebreties...Guys...How do you explain this insane Tokio Hotel-effect. For you the girls sream more than for all chippendales of the does this work?

Bill: To be honest...we don't know...There is no master-plan or something like that....We are very thankful and happy about it...but there is no instruction or plan for it.....

Tom: I have to say...we truely love it..that we have such loud fans...for us it can not be loud enough

Speakerin: Tinitus sends regards....For three years you have been in Linz...concert on the Gugel(?) you remember this?

Bill: Of course..we do remember. It is not like...traveling around and you don't know where you play be on a stage...this is the best for us...the reason why we do it...

Speakerin: Girls...Bill does still remember you...each of you

The the craziest experience with a fan:

Speakerin: You know...eveyday you take lunch with us and our we check in to the Tokio Hotel...Bill you've been known for you music and also for you sceaming fans...what was the craziest Fan-experience of all time?

Bill: There were some things...from half nacked fans lying on the bed in the climbing in our backstage-room in the third floor..somehow with the help of the rain-gutter...there were different things.

Speakerin: If there is such a naked girl in your say of course...uhhh...get out of my bed....get out...or what happen then?

Bill: YES....No...the secus were very shocked and reacted very i actually didn't came in contact with her directly..

Speakerin: When Bill was really the last time in contact with a hear it from us....

Bill lonely...but never alone in bed

Speakerin: It is unbelievable...Thousand of girls love him to death...but nevertheless he is lonely...Bill from Tokio Hotel...the noon-promi from today...Bill..when have you been truely in love for the last time?

Bill: I can't remember.. Until now...i didn't found my true love...i belive...only with will find it...and only once in a i still had not have it...and that makes me happy...and therefore i am still hoping to find it...since we have been succesful with Tokio Hotel i was not in a relationship

Speakerin: Ohhh... and the last kiss?

Bill: That must have been before Tokio Hotel...

Speakerin: I am sure...many austrian girls would love to help you with that...but now...the are not lying alone in bed....right?

Bill: Ja.. my dogs are allowed into my bed....i am totaly crazy about dogs...i can't imagine to be without my dogs...ja they are with me in my bed....

Speakering: What's their do they look...?

Bill: Mixed...they are from the animal-shelter or saved from the animal-shelter...2 dachshund, one mixed-blooded dobermann-labrador and one german Kurzhaar.

Speakerin: Great...what's their names?

Bill: Actually i will not tell their names

Speakerin: it your secret?

Bill: I think it is a bit dangerous, if everybody knows their name and call i don't want to tell it..

Speakerin: I am absolutly sure...many austrian girls now...want to be a dog.

Is there a " Everyday"

Speakerin: This is Liferadio...and it is Silvia in the studio... on Tuesday. Today is a day...well for years...everyone had to push record or break on their cassette-recorder..because they did not want to miss a bit of Tokio Hotel...Nowadays ...the teenies say what...i am going to make a download from podcast on today..Tokio Hotel is on the phone for you....They told us...You can't meet them very often on the street...

Tom: To be honest...we are not very often on the street...since years.

Speakerin: Bill you are the most striking person in the band. Did you ever thought about to shave off your hair ...check out from the Tokio Hotel...say NO...i want to have a normal going to a fast-food restaurant without being recognized

Bill: Ja....but you don't have the option...there is no going that is why you don't think about that..

Speakerin: Ok guys..wish you the best...stay clean...and the new album Humanoid will be released in october. This time also in german and englisch...and if you don't want to wait so long for the guys...go on

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