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 Anti-stalking-project - Suedia 
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Post Anti-stalking-project - Suedia
Anti-stalking-project (

International anti-stalking Project

last week, some Swedish fans started an anti-stalking project..
The project will include, so far, an information video about stalking and a
proportion against stalking.
We hope that fans from all over the world will participate in this project.
We have written a manuscript to the video and we are now looking for fans that can
help us to make the video.
The idea is very simple, and hopefully effective, one person ask the question from
the manuscript, an another replies. The manuscript will be in English, but you can
read it out in your own language, the whole video will be subtitled in English.

mai multe detalii:

How to participate in the anti-stalking project video.

Start with reading the manuscript, is this something you want to participate
in? Good!

Then e-mail me or send me a PM before 05-01-09 with your name, country and
if there are any special part of the manuscript you would like to film.

When we know how many who want join us on this project, we will split the C
parts in smaller parts (how many depends on the amount of people who wants
to participate in the project.)

And send you the part we want you to film.

This is a serious project and we will do everything we can to make it as
good as possible, it is important that your video are in as High Quality as
possible, here are a few guidelines for filming.

Make sure that the lighting is good.

Focus on what is important. You may have really nice shoes, but it's much
easier to understand what you are saying if you focus on your face instead.

Hold the camera still, it is hard to get a sharp vision if it's moving.

Try to learn your lines by heart, it is always better then reading it out.

Speak slowly, it is hard to hear the message if you talk to fast, and even
harder if it is in a

Foreign language.

If you don't speak English or Swedish, please write a transcript of that you
are saying, so we can make sure that the subtitling is right.

Please, stick to the manuscript, we understand that you like to say so much
more, but this video isn't the right forum for that.

That's so much more interesting than if everyone just sits on their beds and
talk,, go outside, film at your school, at the pool, wherever you want and
think is suitable.
Remember that this is an information video that even young children might
see, don't show anything you wouldn't like your grandma to see.

Send your film to

If you have any questions, PM me or send an e-mail to

Thanks for your participation,

And remember, real fans don't stalk.

And do as over 2000 already have done, sign the petition


Dupa cum ati vazut aici e nevoie de 2 persoane care vor trebui sa poarte un dialog. Cine vrea si poate sa ia parte la aceasta actiune sa spuna aici. Vom alege 2 persoane care sa poarte dialogul (pe care eu il am deja si il voi da persoanelor care vor participa) ;)


Mon Apr 27, 2009 10:26 pm
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Post Re: Anti-stalking-project - Suedia
Uitati si dialogul, poate o sa fiti mai interesate ;)

The manuscript

(C+ number = different fans)

Introduction, A tells ;
This video is made by Tokio Hotel fans that have had enough of the way that
the band members are being treated by some so called "fans".
This video is about stalking.
What it is and what we can do to prevent it.
Lately a lot of forums and blogs have been paying a lot of attention to
stalking, but still a lot of people don't seem to understand what it really
is or whom it is that is being assaulted.

(B asks or read the question; )
So what is stalking?

(C1 answers: )
Stalking means that someone is being followed during a longer period of
time, it could be someone who follows you outside, when you are shopping.
Or someone who waits outside your school or your place of work, who follows
and make a survey of everything you do, maybe waits outside your home,
spying on you, calls to check if you're home and when you're not, who you
are seeing, where your mother is working and so on. (Stalking by email and
mobile phone is getting more and more ordinary)
Stalking come in many different forms but is always tough and unpleasant for
the one who is being assaulted.

(B asks or read the question; )
So who are stalked, who are the victims?

(C2 answers)
Most of them are regular people, just like you and me; it might be a former
girlfriend who refuses to understand that the relationship is over, a
jealous boyfriend who wants to control who you are seeing or just someone
who thinks that you are the right person to stalk.
Sometimes the victims are famous people, like the members of Tokio Hotel,
often stalked by girls who might think that the boys will notice them, and
maybe even fall in love with them.
They take pictures of them when they come or go, and are constantly watching
them as they come to the studio or maybe just when they are outside walking
the dog.
Regardless if it is young women who are waiting outside your workplace or if
someone calls you in the middle of the night to se if you are home alone, is
it just as unpleasant to be exposed to.

(B asks or read the question; )
Then who is it that is doing this, it just can't be normal people who are
following others like that?

(C3 answers: )
Some of them are mentally ill, but most are not, the majority of them are
totally normal girls and guys where something went wrong, that they for some
reason got into their heads that it's totally acceptable to behave like
There are few persons who claim to be stalkers, for example a lot of the
girl who are following Tokio Hotel says that they are "completely normal
fans who wants to take some pictures" and there is a lot of ex boyfriends
who claims that it's out of thoughtfulness that they are following their ex
girlfriends around.
Stalking is addictive, those who do it get a kick by following someone, take
pictures and so on, and this behaviour gets even stronger if it happens in a
group. It becomes like this cool thing where you push each other to go
further and further, to get closer to the person you are following. A lot of
them also enjoy the attention they get from others when they are spreading
there stuff (like pictures, videos), no matter if it's pictures of
celebrities or pictures of their neighbour taking a shower.
The only common trait the stalkers have is narcissism, they simply think
well of themselves and that's why they are having a hard time admitting that
what they are doing is wrong.

(B asks or read the question; )
But fans that just go there to take some pictures and wait outside the
studio aren't the same thing as these stalkers who follow them all the time!

(C4 answers)
Aren't they? If you go there to hang outside their workplace, to take
pictures and so on, you have become a stalker. It doesn't matter to the boys
if the person who search through their garbage and take photos of them when
they come out to smoke calls themselves "regular fans" or stalkers.
Same thing, different words.

(B asks or read the question; )
Is stalking dangerous?

(C5 answers)
Yes, unfortunately it's not that unusual that things get totally out of
control and that the stalker harms the person he or she stalks. The most
well known example is probably the death of John Lennon, who was murdered by
a stalker. In Sweden, two small children were recently murdered by a
stalker. These are of course extreme cases, but there are a lot of
unnecessary accidents caused by stalkers and stalking, Princess Diana was
stalked, mostly by paparazzi photographers, witch lead to the car accident
where she and her boyfriend were killed.
There are often large groups of girls and women outside of the Hamburg
studio that Tokio Hotel uses, the risk that someone gets hurt, pushed in
front of a car for an example, is not negligible.
The reverse, that a stalker is harmed by its victim is extremely rare.

(B asks or read the question; )
How do you know it's so tough then, what does the guys themselves think of

(C6 answers)
Just imagine yourself being followed day and night, to not have a private
life .That the annoying guy that you finally broke up with would sit and
wait outside your work every day when you arrived or that you woken up
several times at night during the week by someone who calls but won't say
anything. That's some things most people would think of as scary and
annoying. The guys in Tokio Hotel have talked about this subject several
times, about how it feels to not have a private life and about fans that
went too far.

(B asks or read the question; )
That you shouldn't have to be followed by old boyfriends isn't so strange.
But isn't this something you need to count on when you become famous?

(C7 answers)
No, it's something nobody should have to deal with. The guys are musicians,
they make music and entertain us. But that doesn't give anyone the right to
hunt them in this way or make demands on them. To have privacy at your work
goes without saying for almost everyone of us. But that doesn't mean that
the second part, the studio, is. When you get famous there are certain
things you have to count on, like the media to go through everything you do
in the public eye,, that people recognize you everywhere and want
autographs, that there will be those who don't like what you do and talk
about it out loud. But to be systematicly exposed to crime is not a part of
it , to have your private life put out in public and violated is something
no one, famous or unfamous should have to suffer.

(B asks or read the question; )
If they thought this was unpleasant they would do something about it!

(C8 answers)
Most people who are exposed to stalking don't do anything but tell the
stalkers that their behaviour isn't acceptable, that they find it
unpleasant. And the guys from Tokio Hotel did this several times, earlier
this year a recording of Tom was spread on the internet where he was telling
some girls to leave him alone, can it be any clearer than that?

In Sweden it's estimated that 8 percent of all women has or is being exposed
to stalking, and yet less than 1 percent report it. Most women wants to
solve it themselves, some find it embarassing to be stalked, others are
afraid that it will get worse if they report anything to the police.
This might be the case with Tokio Hotel; if they report a few of the girls
there will always be new ones. And from the beginning the boys probably
thought the atttention was fun, that was what they longed for as kids, to be
stopped when they walk down the street and be asked for an autograph is
surely a cool feeling. The first 5000 times. But when you no longer can go
shopping on your own, when people hang around your studio and bother you
while working, when people are calling and harass your mother, then it's not
that cool any more, just annoying and sad. And since there's not always the
same girls hanging around, some come and some go, the police can't do
anything. Many of the girls are underage and then there's not much for the
police to do anyway.
The boys have done more to put an end to this than many others, and still it
won't stop.

(B asks or read the question; )
They haven't been seen in a while; shouldn't we be grateful to the stalkers
for bringing us news?

(C9 answers)
No, we shouldn't.
First of all, what news? Tom's new hair cut? Bill's new car? That Gustav
drives more often than Georg? The contents of their garbage can, outside the
What kind of news is that?
In which ways does that affect the music, which is what once made them
famous and what we, their fans are listening to?
We have just as little right to know about their private lives, as they have
to us. We don't need to send any pictures to the press when we cut our hair,
so why should Tom have to do it?
If anything big happens, that affects the whole band, Gustav's appendix
operation for example, we'll know about it. We know how the work with the
album is going and if there are any collaborations.
That kind of news is what the management lets us know, and we don't need
stalkers to find out about it.

And what do you mean with "They haven't been seen in a while"? Many artists
or bands don't make new music in years. Guns'n'roses just released their
first album in ten years, and there was no complaining. Tons of people were
happy about the music, though.
Others aren't on the road every year. Tokio Hotel is on tour several times
per year. They give more interviews than we as their fans have time to read
or listen to. Each week, during the bigger part of the year, there is a new
episode of "Tokio Hotel TV", do we really need more news than that?

The latest "news" from stalkers have been about haircuts, something we'll
eventually see. It has been about that the boys are tired of the stalkers
outside the studio and their homes. Rumours are telling us that there might
have been some police reports against the stalkers, that kind of news are
made by the stalkers themselves.

Is that really something to be grateful for?

(B asks or read the question; )
But is there anything we can do about this? If the guys said that they don't
want to be followed. What else can we fans do about it?

(C10 answers)
Maybe we can't end it all completely, but hopefully we can get some of those
who's thinking about going to Hamburg or wherever Tokio Hotel are at the
moment to refrain from doing so.
We can get other fans more aware and alert of the problem.
As always the first step to make a change is to see the problem and
acknowledge it.

(B asks or read the question; )
So what can we do, besides from not try to follow the guys?

(C11 answers)
We can reduce the attention the stalkers get from other fans. And in that
way reduce the kick they get from sharing their photos and videos. We can
stop uploading pictures and videos on homepages, forums and blogs. We can
stop sharing them with each other and stop discuss the pictures and the
rumours they are bringing. Simply boycott stalkers and the things they
We can put our foot down when we see pictures or videos on the internet, and
in that way raise awareness and hopefully get more people to stop uploading
and understand how wrong this is.

(B asks or read the question; )
How can we stop this? A lot of those stalkers have support from home, some
of them even get help from their parents to finance their trips or even
drives them there?

(C12 answers)
Maybe we can't stop it, but hopefully we can make some of them think twice,
make them understand that this is not the way a real fan behaves. It you
love the guys and their music; you don't put them through things like this.
If the girls, almost all of them who stalks Tokio Hotel are girls, don't
understand it themselves, maybe we can change the attitudes among the
parents, make them understand that it is sometimes better to say no then yes
and that there are other, better and more healthier ways to gather around
the interest of the band, like visiting concerts, watching videos together
and all that we fans love to do.


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