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 2009.10.04-RTL Exclusiv Weekend- Sex Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll 
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Post Hotel in studio(24,28 sep.2009)

Sep 24 2009 5:41 PM EDT
Exclusive: Watch Tokio Hotel In The Studio, Recording Humanoid
See Bill Kaulitz talking about recording his vocal tracks.

By James Montgomery


Tokio Hotel''s much-anticipated Humanoid album doesn't hit stores until October 6, and the guys know the wait is killing their fans, which is why they've given MTV News a bit of exclusive content to share with everyone.

We've already partnered with the band to preview their first single, "Automatic," and to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the song's epic video too. And now, we're taking you inside the Los Angeles studio where Tokio Hotel recorded Humanoid.

In the never-before-seen footage, frontman Bill Kaulitz shows off his vocal recording room (which is decidedly sparse) and his high-tech vocal mixer, which, as he explains "doesn't exist in Germany ... which is why we're producing in L.A." He also describes his recording technique, which could be summed up in one word: "loud" (or "Spinal Tap," but that's two words).

"Most people use regular 'headphone volume,' but I can't stand it. I need to feel like I'm onstage and I'm standing beside the other guys," he explains, cranking the volume knob on his mixer up to 11. "I kind of need an extra amplifier, so I can listen to everything really loud. ... You can do crazy things with it. You can't get this in Germany." We also get to see guitarist Tom Kaulitz show off a skill most fans didn't know he had: playing the piano. Though, of course, given that it's Tom, while he's tickling the ivories, his main focus has shifted elsewhere ... to naked ladies.

"That's the most exciting of all," he tells a producer about something off-camera. "When she's standing completely naked in front of the thing. Did you also see that?" "You need to listen to the riff. You're playing this love ballad," the producer interrupts, before deciding that this ship has already sailed. "You mean the one with the sweet butt, when she's standing in front of the mirror?"


2009.09.24-MTV NEWS.COM-Exclusive Inside TH's Studio Recording HUMANOID.avi

2009.09.24-MTV NEWS.COM-Exclusive Inside THs Studio Recording HUMANOID

Tokio Hotel Exclusive: Tom Kaulitz Says, 'I Have More Sex In My Voice' Than Bill!
Watch the band in the studio, recording Humanoid.



Tokio Hotel are bringing their fans inside the studio once again with another exclusive, behind-the-scenes clip provided to MTV News. In the video, the pop-rockers are working on Humanoid, due October 6.

Speaking from the Los Angeles studio where they recorded the Scream follow-up, lead singer Bill Kaulitz discusses having to sing in German and English. "They have to do this super complicated thing: change the session ... from German to English," he explained. "Yes, constant switches. I believe no other singer has to remember so many different lyrics like I do. It's only the third album, and I already have 10,000 songs."

Meanwhile, Tom Kaulitz talks about the different dynamics he and brother Bill have in their voices, saying one thing separates them: "I have more sex in my voice," Tom explained. "Actually, the decision [for Bill to be the lead singer] was because of the securities. The securities asked us for it, because if I sing, there would be an escalation at each show. To calm things down, we went with Bill."

Tom also discussed how his brother has to work to remember the songs they are recording for when they hit the road. "He needs to remember everything for the tour. I actually did all of the recordings up to now," he said. "He needs to learn everything for our tour, which is why we rented this studio. We'll check it out, and hopefully he'll manage the upcoming albums without me."

He also talked about the time the guys in the band tried out different roles. "Bill was playing bass, because it's the easiest," Tom recalled. "He only had to play a few tones. Yes, I [played the drums. Drummer Gustav Schäfer], he sang, and [bassist] Georg [Listing] played the guitar. That was wicked. I think we performed [the Scream track] 'Monsoon,' didn't we?

"[Gustav turned it into hardcore metal] to cover [the fact] that he can't sing," Tom continued. "I was perfect. Like a clockwork. But the others messed it up."

Tokio Hotel's Tom And Bill Kaulitz Talk Studio

The brothers bring a camera into their L.A. studio and give hints to the release of their new album, Humanoid. (9.25.09)

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Mon Sep 28, 2009 1:30 pm
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Post 2009.10.04-RTL Exclusiv Weekend- Sex Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll
translation P.2K/thus

Exklusiv Weekend (04.10.09) Sex Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll ... r_embedded

translation by P.2K (me), please credit if using :)

„We took drugs, we drank alcohol, we smoked weed and we had a lot of sex” – With these confessions made the boys from Tokio Hotel many captions. Surprising confessions! Because just a short time ago, the band said that they didn’t have anything to do with drugs. This time, Bill and Tom are really honest. What can happen to many fans because of their drug – confession? Petra Conradi knows ..

Tokio Hotel had never the cleanest image, but now Bill and Tom shock the world with their confession about drugs.

Bill: “One just can’t celebrate just like that, drink alcohol ..”

Tom: “We smoked weed, we drank and these things. Someone just did what the others did too.”

That’s how it was for the twins – when they were only 13 years old! Why this confession? What consequences will there be for the fans – and the band?

Bill: “I am not scared that it’d be too much, that it would destroy me one day. But you just can’t do anything about it ..”

Tokio Hotel is everywhere. There is just few public awards without the band. Magnet for the crowd is the band totally. But for such a long time, they live in their own world. Of course – says Götz Elbertzhagen, manager and PR-expert : “Tokio Hotel are the most popular german band, maybe ever. They are mega superstars, they are obsessed with the media all the time. Nobody knows how it is as much as they do.”

Destination Rockstars was picked long before they even got to puberty. (I don’t understand what they are saying in the part from “Leb die Sekunde” DVD) They became really famous before the other teen-bands do. At the age when teenagers have complexes, they were superstars.

Tom: “We did a lot of shit back then. It was the time when everyone just went out, there was weed, there was alcohol and all such things. A person just joined the others ..”

Bill: “I think drugs and alcohol were .. well people don’t think it’s like that ..”
Tom: “It’s even worse ..”

Bill: “I think all people who grow up in a small village, or a small town know that this is a big theme .. there isn’t one person who hasn’t tried it .. And it all begins much earlier”

The community didn’t know about his. Only a couple of articles about alcohol. But the band had always thought about drugs .

“So what about drugs?”

All: “Negative”

Georg: “Except for alcohol”

“But that isn’t a drug ..”

Bill: “Yes, it is a kind of drug..”

Tom: “But about hard drugs.. negative. Of course all of us drink a little bit
alcohol sometimes, but no drugs”

Now it ‘s clear that this wasn’t the whole truth. Drugs were also there. But why didn’t they tell?

G.Elbertzhagen : „It’s good that they said this. They are idols, and they know and always knew this. And of course they didn’t say they take drugs”
But how does that work? Didn’t the management know about this?

“So no Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll?” (interview 2006?)

D. Jost: “Ehm ..well .. the boys like to have fun. But I understand that. And they know, when it’s enough. “

Tom: “That was the time when I thought : Great, I’m a rockstar now, I’m going to take advantage of it”

Bill: “Yeah, Tom had many girls back then, I have to say ..”

Tom: “I thought : Cool. And I really took advantage. I had a different girl in my
room every day.”

Bill: “But he was really nice. Everyone thinks that he has no feelings, or so. But he isn’t like that at all”

Tom: “On every aftershowparty, I took advantage. I tried everything, that was possible”

Groupies? Nothing for Bill.

Bill: “We have no chance to get to know someone. That means : If I’d fall in love now, what would be like to win Lotto in my situation, I couldn’t build a relationship without someone noticing. I’d have to .. tell someone ..ehm .. the girl would have to be brought to my room, maybe .. I’d have to tell someone, I’d have to think of a place to meet, the security would have to bring her in, the people by the door would have to see ..”

That doesn’t sound free at all. It’s like total control. That means the boys took drugs because they were bored. And even when they are there, where they always wanted to be. On the top and with many fans.

Bill: “We have no private life. We can’t just go out, or .. we have a house with a huge fence, so you can’t see behind it. And we always go somewhere by cars, with black windows .. We can’t just go out on the street. Everyone I learn to know is being introduced to me.”

That’s the price for the success. But today they don’t have anything to do with marihuana anymore. That’s an important message for the fans, who like to be just like their idols, maybe sometimes too much.

G.Elbertzhagen: „ I think Tokio Hotel are very inteligent musicians and people.“

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